Alloy Aerial Silks Deluxe Bundle

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Silky, floaty, graceful, wow! 

You're not the only one that can't even words when you think about silks. <3

But Seriously...

Included in this great 5-piece bundle:

1x Beautiful Aerial Silk in the colour of your choice (30kN). 

1x Alloy Rescue 8 (50 kN)

1x Skylotec Swivel (40 kN)

2x Alloy D-shaped Carabiners (30 kN)

Alloy hardware is light and convenient to carry long distances making it perfect for portable rigs and performing!


How to choose the right fabric length:

1. Measure the distance from the floor to the attachment point.

2. Multiply the distance by 2.

3. Add 1m. *Custom Lengths Available ($22/m)


Fabric Information:

40 Denier Nylon Tricot

Width: 2.8m

Tested WLL: 30kN


Fabric Care:

Machine Wash on a delicate/gentle cycle.

Tumble dry on LOW heat or air dry out of direct sunlight.

*To prevent damage use a laundry bag.


Attention: Please conduct regular inspections of your gear and ensure correct storage and maintenance in order to avoid a loss of integrity/damage.  Remember, well maintained gear keeps you safe while working or playing at height.