Basic Aerial Yoga Set

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You've pretty much got it all, so you only really need the bare essentials... so here go you :)


But Seriously....

This set includes:

1x Length of gorgeous Nylon Tricot (1.5 Tonne)

2x Runner Loops (25 kN)

About the fabric...

We have set lengths for standard drops (a drop is calculated from the attachment/ceiling point to the floor).  If that doesn't work for you, can provide customised lengths at $21 per meter. 

Brand: Aerial Nonsense

Material: 40 Denier Nylon Tricot

Tensile Strength: 1.5 tonne

Width: 2.8m


Attention: Please conduct regular inspections of your gear and ensure correct storage and maintenance in order to avoid a loss of integrity/damage.  Remember, well maintained gear keeps you safe while working or playing at height.