Double Point Aerial Yoga Bundle

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You've got nothing but passion and excitement!  No stress! This Bundle has EVERYTHING you will need for your home practice. 

But Seriously...

A double point is traditional for Aerial Yoga because it provides more stability (with less likelihood of an unexpected/uncontrolled spin).  The Double Point also means that the fabric doesn't press in as tight - which is particularly beneficial for older people or people struggling with medical conditions such as fibromyalgia. 


Included in the pack:

1x Aerial Yoga Hammock (Low Stretch 40 Denier Nylon Tricot - load tested to 1.5 tonne without sign of stress).

2x 1m Nylon Daisy Chains (25 kN)

2x 45cm Tubular Nylon Runner Loops (25 kN)

2x D-shaped Triple Lock Black Alloy Carabiners (30 kN)

1x Carry Bag

1x 60 Card Aerial Asana Pack 


Please note: The drop is calculated from ceiling/attachment point to floor.  If you're not sure, contact us, we are happy to help!



*Please note that whilst everything we sell is rated 25kN or higher, the Daisy Chain is rated 25kN from end-to-end, however the individual loops are rated 5kN.  This is the strongest Daisy Chain on the market, and even with the lower rating of the loops is suitable for Aerial Yoga. If however, you plan on doing Dance Hammock, we strongly suggest using Anchor Chains instead.


Attention: Please conduct regular inspections of your gear and ensure correct storage and maintenance in order to avoid a loss of integrity/damage.  Remember, well maintained gear keeps you safe while working or playing at height.