About Nonsense

Aerial Nonsense was created with a lot of love by a pair of Aussie aerialists who have been learning, teaching and performing for almost a decade! So yes! We totally understand that aerialists are fairies and mermaids and fantastical, magical creatures who are happiest when they can dance and float through the air!
Over the years we have bought from all sorts of suppliers, always searching for the Goldilocks of Aerial Arts Supplies that “feel just right”.
Unfortunately we’ve found the quality of Aerial Arts equipment to be a bit of a hit and miss situation...
Sometimes things just weren't as awesome as we wanted them to be. Other times the equipment was simply not suitable for Aerial Arts applications, which made them just plain unsafe. Luckily since hanging around off the ground is pretty much our obsession, we've spent a whole heap of time searching for the best of the best!
And then the C-word happened (Covid19) and all of our students were suddenly asking us where to buy the best equipment at affordable prices!
Oh the stress was real! Because we had nowhere we completely trusted to direct them.
And that is how Aerial Nonsense came about!
We've used all of our years of searching, learning and testing to build you the absolute best collection of Aerial Arts equipment and accessories. Every single item we stock is fully rated and certified (we even independently break test everything we fabricate) because pretty is good, but strong is better!
So yep. we've taken one for the team and stepped out of the sky for a bit so that when you choose to fly you can have all of the fun and none of the worry! Because we have all of the BEST nonsense and none of the crap.