Aerial Fabric - Low Stretch

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You've got it all, but just need some lovely jubbly new fabric... so here it is :)

But Seriously.... 

Our low stretch fabric has been carefully selected for its texture (not too slippy, not too rough), it's thickness (because you need enough to grab but not too much) and of course its tensile strength. So as Goldilocks would say,

"It's just right!"

Here are some reasons why we love LOW stretch vs. MEDIUM stretch...

  • Easier to climb.
  • Easier to grip.
  • Doesn’t cinch as tight in knots and wraps (so feel’s less ‘bite-ey’’).
  • Easier to set the height in the case of Aerial Hammock/Sling.
  • More supportive in the static poses explored in an Aerial Yoga context. 


How to choose the correct fabric length:


1. Measure the distance from the floor to the attachment point.

2. Multiply the distance by 2.

3. Add 1m. *Custom Lengths Available ($22/m)



1. Measure the distance from the floor to the attachment point/s.

2. Multiply the distance by 2.

3. For Aerial Yoga, deduct 1m. In the case of Dance Hammock, deduct 2m. 

*Custom Lengths Available ($22/m)


Fabric Information:

40 Denier Nylon Tricot

Width: 2.8m

Tested WLL: 30kN


Fabric Care:

Machine Wash on a delicate/gentle cycle.

Tumble dry on LOW heat or air dry out of direct sunlight.

*To prevent damage use a laundry bag.

AttentionPlease conduct regular inspections of your gear and ensure correct storage and maintenance in order to avoid a loss of integrity/damage.  Remember, well maintained gear keeps you safe while working or playing at height.