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Mueller Lyra Tape

Mueller Lyra Tape

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Want a unicorn hoop to suit your magical personality?!?

Now is the time to get creative!


But Seriously...

Mueller M Tape is the highly regarded.  This high tensile strength sports tape is made of bleached hospital-grade backcloth with colourfast dyes that will not bleed.  Combined wit the the zinc oxide adhesive, this tape provides excellent tackiness and conformability which means improved grip.


  • Easy to wrap.
  • The edges are smooth, so there is minimal peeling.
  • Thicker than the Basic Tape, so lasts longer.


  • Significant surface stickiness (especially in high humidity). 
  • Shorter lengths than the Basic Tape, so you need more rolls of tape to achieve the same coverage.

Brand: Mueller

Colour: Assorted

Material: 100% cotton, zinc oxide athletic tape

Length: 9.1m

Width: 3.5cm

*Made in the USA


*Please note that we recommend 2 rolls of tape per Lyra.


Attention: Please conduct regular inspections of your gear and ensure correct storage and maintenance in order to avoid a loss of integrity/damage.  Remember, well maintained gear keeps you safe while working or playing at height.

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