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Rosin Socks

Rosin Socks

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If your silks/tissue or aerial hammock/sling is doing it’s best impression of a slippery slide … Rosin gum resin socks to the rescue! 

But seriously…

Rosin (aka as colophony) is a natural product which has been used for decades by dancers to give their feet grip. Lucky for us aerialist it is just as useful for us. 
Packed in a cotton sock for easy use, you simply tap the sock firmly against your palms or any other part of your anatomy that needs some extra grip. 

  • 100% Pure Gum Rosin from Pine.
  • Hand chipped, smashed and packaged by us!
  • Low allergenic (really only an issue for anyone sensitive to pine).
  • Safe for all aerial fabrics.
  • No mess. 
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